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Premium Journey

Your ULTIMATE “Done For You” Relation-Shift Package

Kristine Grant

Kristine Grant

Knowing just what to say with compelling communication is key to positive or even radical relation-shifts for any sort of difficult emotional issue with anyone.

My proven Inspired Heart method has quick and astonishing results. I have a very unique way of helping others who struggle with relationship fatigue and want to finally put the issue to rest. As others have testified, I seem to empathically channel their exact thoughts, their heart’s desires, their goals or needs into the letters I write for them. I craft precisely the right words for what someone, in any sort of issue or matter of the heart, really wants to say — and more importantly, really needs to say.

You usually get just one chance to be heard on a touchy subject. Let me get it right for you on that first and only chance.

If we haven’t already had a complimentary chat about your journey, please visit my calendar and choose your best date and time.

Or, if we’ve already met . . .

You’re already feeling better after our chat, aren’t you? 

If you are ready to put your trust in me to help you communicate in ways that are truly compelling, clear and effective, I promise you a newfound sense of joy and freedom.   Kristine Grant

Premium Journey

Your ULTIMATE “Done For You” Relation-Shift Package

This is Kristine’s signature Inspired Heart letter service that has truly transformed or caused astounding shifts for any challenging relationship matter.

The following elements are included for anyone choosing to allow Kristine to find the right words that you really want — and really need — to say:

     90 Minute One-on-One “Deep-Dive” Interview

Kristine will listen carefully and offer her guidance as you meet face-to-face online or over the phone. She will guide you through a soul-searching conversation to understand your deepest issues and feelings as well as gain a deep understanding regarding the underlying issues at hand. You’ll feel immediately relieved and empowered after you have a good heart-to-heart talk!

   Your Inspired Heart Letter

Based on a deep understanding of your particular situation, Kristine will compose a heart-felt yet powerful letter to convey your feelings and honest desire to provide a solution that is fair for everyone and actually opens the door to more clarity and inspires more love. Kristine has a unique gift of channeling your core essence, personality and feelings into the letter she will write for you, sounding as if you wrote it yourself. Your letter will be the key that opens the mind and heart of its recipient to understand the whole situation and realize the benefits for reaching out to another while speaking your truth.

   30 Minute One-on-One Inspired Heart Letter Review

Once the letter is written, Kristine will share and discuss its content with you, explaining why she chose the words and style, if you wish. When you feel confident it’s the best letter that “you” could have ever written for the cause, she will send you the finished letter by email. You can simply copy and paste it to email, or print it out including it in a beautiful card, or you can add your own personal touch by writing it out longhand on fine stationery.

   30 Minute Follow-Up Support Coaching Call

At your discretion, you may book another one-on-one session with Kristine to support the new shifts, results, or outcomes once you have received and/or given your Inspired Heart letter.

Done For You — just relax

Kristine makes sure the process is effortless on your part — she calls it her DFY solution: Done for You. Kristine will guide you every step of the way, listening deeply to your issues and feelings. She will read the letter to you so you fully comprehend its impact, allowing you to finally let go of the frustration, worry or confusion. And Kristine will continue to follow up to discuss and further support your new feelings of joy and freedom — and to celebrate your success!

The price for your Premium Journey is $1200. The value is priceless serenity. You may choose to pay in full or with installments (tap the Pay Later button).

I look forward to guiding you through your journey, knowing you have made the most gracious and sincere effort to put this burden behind so you can finally enjoy pure freedom and happiness.