Spouse or Partner

Changes in My Life Started Immediately

“My desire to make changes in my life started immediately: I got a personal trainer, got a job transfer, and traveled to a couple foreign countries all by myself. It was as if life was put back into my body that I had not felt in a very long time.”


Eulogy for My Mom, Straight from My Heart

“My life has been blessed with the introduction to Kristine. My tears of relief at her incredible letter she has written for my divorce only rival the cleansing rain we are having without a doubt.”


I Depend on Kristine for Challenging Life Situations

“It is with extreme pleasure that I recommend Kristine Grant for letter writing. Whether it is for a breakup in a relationship, a business letter to a group of doctors, or a eulogy for a parent, these are the three letters Kristine has written for me. It has made a real difference for me to be able to depend on Kristine for any challenging life situations that may arise.”

~ Joann Laguens

Helped Me Re-examine...Interactions with My Girlfriend

“Kristine Grant is a fantastic letter writer. In my case, she helped me to express my thoughts and feelings via a letter written to my girlfriend. I thought her interview process was thorough and, in a way, it had me re-examine what I thought about my relationship and interactions with my girlfriend.

For anyone needing a relationship letter (whether it’s for starting or ending), thanking someone, a condolence, and so forth, Kristine’s skills at interviewing, writing, and supplying feedback as needed make her service indispensable for those of us wanting to express ourselves in more meaningful ways that do make a difference in our experience.”

Adam Snider

Powerful, Truthful...Not Spiteful or Mean

“A couple years ago, I was in a long-term, painful relationship. Kristine wrote an Inspired Heart Letter that I gave to my ex upon our breakup. All I can say is after reading the letter I felt a huge sense of relief. It sounded sincere and genuine, and it was a huge help when it was hard for me to find the right words on my own at the time. The words were powerful, truthful, and not spiteful or mean.
I knew I was making the absolute right decision to get out of a relationship that kept me down.

Now a couple years later, I am truly in love and planning my wedding to my amazing soul mate! I recommend Kristine’s coaching and inspired letters to anyone wishing to heal their heart.”

Jackie R.

More Empowered to Choose Differently

“Since she wrote and read me the letter, I have never chosen that type of relationship again. I have been able to recognize the signs and I feel so much more empowered to choose differently. I have fallen in love with a wonderful guy.”

— Susan

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