Estranged Family & Friends

To My Dad

“I had the most profound experience when I was guided to write a meaningful letter to my dad. The results allowed us to connect in a deeper way than we had ever really experienced before.

“Letter writing is a tremendously helpful way to heal any type of relationship difficulty. Kristine is the “real deal.” I highly recommend her letter writing guidance . . . or with her intuition and experience, having her personally write your Inspired Heart Letter for you.”

— Rich German, Author and Co-Founder, JV Insider Circle

Discovered Underlying Cause with My Sister

“My sister and I had a very hurtful falling out. She essentially closed the door in my face after I expressed my concerns regarding her lifestyle etc.

“I really wanted to help her, yet I was pushed away. I tried so many times to convince her that she was making bad choices, but my words went unheard.

“Fortunately, I contacted Kristine Grant. She quickly determined the actual dynamics that were playing out. She saw my underlying need to protect my sister…when actually, I never felt that someone had my back growing up. I see that childhood wounds were swept under the carpet.

“This Inspired Heart Letter process truly helped me to shake off old emotional debris and the letter was a soothing relief for my sister.

“My connection with my sister is so much more compassionate and the letter has allowed us to become much more honest with one another in a truly heartfelt way.

“My sister will always have my letter…and that touches my heart.”

Kip Jerger

Healing the Rift with My Son

“I am a professional and have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to my feelings to my family. I gave Kristine the facts that were contributing to the rift between my son and myself. I did not want to lose him.

Kristine formulated a wonderful letter, which led to an opening for us to start a healing process.

Without this letter, I saw no way of breaking—truly breaking—the ice and to start to heal the rift.The letter Kristine wrote was poignant and could have not been more to the point of what I wanted to say but could not express in my own words.

My son was touched and glad I made the effort. The letter opened up the healing process that has taken time to heal, but it had taken a long time to develop the rift.

Thanks again, Kristine, for helping start the rebuilding of my relationship with my son and my family.”

Joel Volsky

Mother to My Sons and My Own Mother

“Kristine has helped me so much. I wasn’t the mom and daughter I wish I could have been. I was repeating the only thing I knew: an icy standoff with the very people I loved.

So, before Kristine’s help, my three grown sons were barely speaking to me, and my mom and I had difficulty being in the same room together. After years of therapy and rebuilding my life, I wanted some way to reach out to let them know how much having a connection with them would mean to me.

Kristine wrote my sons loving, heartfelt letters expressing the genuine love and heartache I felt. She wrote a beautiful eulogy I read at my mom’s funeral that came straight from my own heart, using my thoughts written by Kristine.

She has a gift and skill to express exactly how I feel on paper. My sons have started to warm up to me and though my mom isn’t in physical form, I feel her loving presence every day. Thank you, Kristine.”


To My Son

“Without this letter, I saw no way of breaking — truly breaking — the ice and to start to heal the rift that has evolved between the two of us. The letter Kristine wrote for me on my behalf to my son was poignant, to the point, and could have not been more to the point of what I wanted to say but could not express in my own words.”

— Joel

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