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~ John Gray, PhD, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Kristine has an uncanny ability to express the desires and feelings of others as if they are her own by tapping into her intuitive gifts of compassion and understanding. The magic of her written words has transformed lives and relationships.

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One”

“Kristine Grant has written a beautiful, heart-felt guide to create deeper and more conscious communication that comes straight from the soul. Her book will awaken you to new and more empowering perspectives, greater levels of wisdom and deep healing within yourself and your relationships.” 

~ Arielle Ford, Author of The Soulmate Secret

Kristine Grant is a gifted ghostwriter of letters of love, compassion, forgiveness, transformation and more. She has the remarkable ability to conjure the perfect, healing sequence of words, for the most difficult situations, that honestly and authentically convey your deepest feelings. Her priceless process results in both the letter writer and the letter receiver arriving in a place of peace. Through this book you will discover how to write letters that will indeed set you free!

Michelle Boeckmann

Kristine captures the heart of what someone wants to say, yet they are unable to say it so eloquently. Kristine has an intuitive gift for writing. She is amazing at zeroing in on the root of a situation. Her letters help heal the soul. They are really just as effective for the client as the person that receives them. As her website says: “These powerful, inspired, and ‘healing’ letters capture the heart of any given matter and lend an opening for resolution.”

~ Christiane Northrup, M.D. OB/GYN Physician & Author of the New York Times Bestsellers:  Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing; Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom;  and The Wisdom of  Menopause.

There is nothing, truly nothing we treasure more than words written from the heart.  Soldiers carry love letters into battle. Mothers keep  every letter their children ever wrote.  No text or email can replace the impact of a heartfelt letter. And that is  why Your Heart, My  Words is so special.  It taps into the secret power of letters to heal relationships on all levels. I love this book.

~ Jackie R.

Kristine has helped me over the years to understand myself and to understand how to manifest a really healthy relationship. A couple years ago, I was in a long-term, painful relationship. Kristine wrote an Inspired Heart Letter that I gave to my ex upon our breakup. All I can say is  after reading the letter I felt a huge sense of relief.  It sounded sincere and genuine, and it was a huge help when it was hard for me to find the right words on my own at the time. The words were powerful, truthful, and not spiteful or mean. I knew I was making the absolute right decision to get out of a relationship that kept me down. Now a couple years later, I am truly in love and planning my wedding to my amazing  soul mate! I recommend Kristine’s coaching and inspired letters to anyone wishing to heal their heart.

~ Adam Snider

Kristine Grant is a fantastic letter writer. In my case, she helped me to express my thoughts and feelings via a letter written to my girlfriend. I thought her interview process was thorough and, in a way, it had me re-examine what I thought about my relationship and interactions with my girlfriend.

For anyone needing a relationship letter (whether it’s for starting or ending), thanking someone, a condolence, and so forth, Kristine’s skills at interviewing, writing, and supplying feedback as needed make her service indispensable for those of us wanting to express ourselves in more meaningful ways that do make a difference in our experience.

~ Rich German, Author and Co-Founder, JV Insider Circle

I had the most profound experience when I was guided to write a meaningful letter to my dad. The results allowed us to connect in a deeper way than we had ever really experienced before. Letter writing is a tremendously helpful way to heal any type of relationship difficulty. Kristine is the “real deal.” I highly recommend her letter writing guidance . . . or with her intuition and experience, having her personally write your Inspired Heart Letter for you.

~ Tara Hogar

My life has been blessed with the introduction to Kristine. My tears of relief at her incredible letter she has written for my divorce only rival the cleansing rain we are having without a doubt.

~ Mariana Brown

Rogers and Hammerstein wrote a song in the late forties called “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right out of My Hair” for the play, South Pacific. Sometimes it is not that easy to do, especially when you have had many past lives with a man . . . as in my case. After a bitter divorce that left me penniless, alone, and raising two children on my own, I had an extremely difficult time moving on in life. My ex-husband took me to court on three separate occasions over the course of eight years and it seemed that the connection would never cease. After the third time, I even told his attorney that I didn’t want his money just so I had no further connection to him. Our children suffered terribly in their own ways even after they were grown and moved on to college.

After going to psychologists, psychics, holistic health providers, shamans, and the reconnection healing sessions, I still felt an unhealthy sense of connection to this man. Not a love, hate, or anger, but something was preventing me from disseminating myself from this man even after 15 years. However, during this time, I restructured my finances, found a rewarding profession, and got my children through high school and college.

It was not until I had Kristine write an Inspired Heart Letter for me that I felt a relief that has stayed with me. I mailed it on 12/12/2012, a day that was symbolic and would never occur again. From that point on the connection has been broken and I could feel it within. Later on, when we met up for activities involving our children, he was obviously different too. My desire to make changes in my life started immediately: I got a personal trainer, got a job transfer, and traveled to a couple foreign countries all by myself. It was as if life was put back into my body that I had not felt in a very long time. It is with great gratitude and love that I write this for all to know that this really worked for me, and, believe me, I tried just about everything. It is my hope that it works as well for you as it did for me.

~ Joel Volsky

I am a professional and have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to my feelings to my family, and this is where it really matters the most. I gave Kristine the facts that were contributing to the rift between my son and myself, which was quite concerning at the time for both of us. I did not want to lose him. Kristine took the time and formulated a wonderful letter, which led to an opening for us to get started and start a healing process between the two of us. Without this letter, I saw no way of breaking—truly breaking—the ice and to start to heal the rift that has evolved between the two of us. The letter Kristine wrote for me on my behalf to my son was poignant, to the point, and could have not been more to the point of what I wanted to say but could not express in my own words. I am not the best communicator. My son knew at once that I did not write the letter but he was touched and glad I made the effort. The letter opened up the healing process that has taken time to heal, but it had taken a long time to develop the rift that was getting big between the two of us. Thanks again, Kristine, for being there and helping start the rebuilding of my relationship with my son and my family.

~ Susan D.

Kristine wrote a letter for me when I was emotionally “stuck” in a relationship that was not healthy for me. She was able to capture the essence of our relationship and the underlying reasons we were not meant to be together. I had known this man since I was 14 and after two marriages, we ran into each at the age of 50. Our patterns at 14 were the same as they were at 50. Once Kristine wrote the letter, and then read it to me, I was set free and had such clarity about the patterns I had developed within this relationship that followed me into all my other relationships.

Since she wrote and read me the letter, I have never chosen that type of relationship again. I have been able to recognize the signs and I feel so much more empowered to choose differently. It was a truly pivotal point, a life changing experience, an epiphany for my heart and soul. I am happy to mention that I have fallen in love with a wonderful guy.

~ Frank W.

I see the evidence of Kristine’s beautiful gift in myself and my family every day. With Kristine’s amazing and brilliant compassion, intuitiveness, and pragmatic approaches, she helped me transform the painful parts of my life into the source of my current happiness. With Kristine’s assistance, I became the person I was destined and desired to become. What is so profound about Kristine’s letters are that the benefits are nearly instantaneous! Issues that I have held onto for many years just melted away. Thank you, Kristine!

~ Joann Laguens

It is with extreme pleasure that I recommend Kristine Grant for letter writing. Whether it is for a breakup in a relationship, a business letter to a group of doctors, or a eulogy for a parent, these are the three letters Kristine has written for me. It has made a real difference for me to be able to depend on Kristine for any challenging life situations that may arise.

~ Karen Schneider

Kristine Rose Grant is a master of intuitive writing. She can easily dissect in her mind the deeper layers of a client’s need for her writing a letter. The different reactions from this gift of words range from relief, healing, understanding, completion, joy, and gratitude. This process often is life changing for both the sender and the receiver of The Letter.

~ Catherine

Kristine has helped me so much. I wasn’t the mom and daughter I wish I could have been. I was repeating the only thing I knew: an icy standoff with the very people I loved. So, before Kristine’s help, my three grown sons were barely speaking to me, and my mom and I had difficulty being in the same room together. After years of therapy and rebuilding my life, I wanted some way to reach out to let them know how much having a connection with them would mean to me. So she wrote my sons loving, heartfelt letters expressing the genuine love and heartache I felt. She wrote a beautiful eulogy I read at my mom’s funeral that came straight from my own heart, using my thoughts written by Kristine. She has a gift and skill to express exactly how I feel on paper. My sons have started to warm up to me and though my mom isn’t in physical form, I feel her loving presence every day. Thank you, Kristine.

~ Michele Monda

My husband is a devout Catholic and I am more of a spiritualist. How to make that work? Well, the answer was a joint ceremony. Kristine Grant and a Catholic priest officiated at our wedding and it was the perfect solution. She was able to bring the spiritual side into our vows, the side that puts the emphasis on your responsibility and your love for each other. He brought in the religious side and what God expects of our marriage. They blended the ceremony together so smoothly that you would have thought they did this all the time, when, in fact, they had just met. Everyone commented on how lovely and touching our ceremony was for all involved because everyone could relate to one thing or another. Our wedding was a truly magical day.

Jacqueline Sa, Author Exultation: Erotic Tales of the Divine Union

Kristine, your book is a treasure for many people to have. It is a caring, clear, loving, and compassionate guide in covering most of the important issues of life. Congratulations! Ghost letter writing has been an artful and necessary tradition through the centuries for many cultures. It still is a meaningful service today (for the illiterates who wanted to convey their care, love, and longing to loved ones).

Kristine has taken this form of letter writing to an evolutionary consciousness, not only reflecting people’s thoughts, but to help them bring out the core feelings in purity for conflict resolution, without being muddled in power struggle, blame, manipulation, confusion, or desperation.

This “letter-intuitive” book is Kristine’s healing gift to all people who want to express themselves in healthy ways. It is a welcome treasure, especially in this technological age of blip-attentiveness.

Kim L. Hartz

Kristine Rose Grant has a gift with words—not only in her speaking ability, but with her words on paper. She is mighty with the pen. Not only does Kristine write letters from the heart that help people reconnect with each other on a level that transcends the ego and having to be right, but she has an uncanny ability to get to the essence of what really needs attention in a relationship. Whether the disconnect has occurred between a man and woman, a mother and daughter, or father and son . . . the relationship does not seem to matter. As Kris taps into our real connection, she is then able to put pen to paper and put into words a heartfelt communication that both can feel, and their sense of the trueness of their relationship comes into their presence. Kris has a gift which all can receive. Thank you, Kris, for your years of friendship and so many beautiful words.


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