About Kristine Grant

Kristine Grant

Kristine is the author of ‘Relationshift – How to Write the Words You Really Want to Say’ – a book that has been endorsed by bestselling authors, John Gray, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Arielle Ford, and Christiane Northrup, MD.

She is a Relationship Expert who has worked with 1000s of couples struggling with a wide variety of relational difficulties. She has over 23 years of experience as a licensed marriage & family therapist. She is a motivational speaker, award winning author, singer and songwriter.

Her uniquely transformative process for ghostwriting many hundreds of “Inspired Heart” letters for clients over the span of sixteen years, is a highly intuitive intervention that moves beyond the realm of psychotherapy. She will be able to guide you through this process OR write a letter FOR you!

Kristine’s extensive experience has changed the lives of many, MANY couples and individuals, and have earned her appearances on numerous radio and television shows, including CBS, ABC, FOX, and the CW Network.

Magical Words for an Inspired Heart

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Magical Words for an Inspired Heart

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